This street furniture is an old form of wooden stile that is very rare. The one in Kenilworth can now be found in the Kenilworth History & Archaeology Society Barn Museum in the Abbey Fields. As can be seen below it has three cross pieces that pivoted nearer to the wooden  weights at one end. So when you push down on the top rail all three will be lowered. It was first recorded in the small entrance to the gatehouse of the Abbey of Saint Mary, this is shown below in at stereoview (left) by Bedford dated c1850. It it locally known as the Tantara Archway which was built c1360.

The stile was restored restored in c1990 by Cyril Hobbins who replaced any damaged parts.

The only other known stiles of this type that can be found to-day are:- Charlecote Park, Chedzoy in Somerset,Sissinghurst Castle, Linton near Cambridge and Hungerford.

stile in gatehousestile in the Tan Tara with Bedford


Charlecote stile

CHARLECOTE ( Courtesy of M. Formstone)


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